Wet Weather Trail Use Policy

Eagle Mountain is located in a Coastal Temperate Rainforest and as such can receive heavy amounts of rainfall during winter months. This heavy rainfall can easily saturate the ground and lead to erosion and runoff concerns. Both the Mossom Creek and Noons Creek Watersheds support active salmon hatcheries. As such, sedimentary concerns are heightened from November through March of each year.  This critical time for the salmon hatcheries is known as the “Fish Window”.  High sediment levels and turbidity measurements in the water increase the mortality of the fish eggs.

Adverse wet weather conditions also have a huge impact on trail sustainability. During the wettest times of the year, some trails are restricted to downhill-only. At any time during the wet season, Eagle Mountain Moto may temporarily close trails deemed at risk by our volunteers. These one-way restrictions and trail closures are necessary for a sustainable and ecologically sound trail system.

After rainfall events, our Trail Committee volunteers will inspect the trails for signs of erosion, water runoff, excessive trail damage, or safety concerns. If any these problems are detected then the trail will be considered for temporarily closure. All closures will be posted on the website, forum and Facebook page. A paper closure notice will also be posted at the Informational Kiosk in the parking / staging area.

We ask all riders to please respect the rules and also to use discretion and common sense when choosing to ride. Just because you can ride does not mean that you should! Riding the trails when they are closed damages the environment and costs our volunteers time and money. Riding the trail system during peak flow season puts the trails at increased risk of erosion and causes more work to keep them sustainable.