2017 News

February – Eagle Mountain has been impassable due to snow and remains closed for riding and trail work, but the melt is coming and we will be in there soon.  In the meantime we have been busy working on our Section(56) application.  There is a lot of paperwork to get through as well as meeting with other stakeholders including the city of Coquitlam and local environmental organizations.    The timeline for the process is now looking like it will stretch into at least this fall, and so RST-BC will be issuing Letters of Understanding that authorize work to be done in the meantime.  EMM has now received our LOU (good through Dec 31) after a great deal of assistance from RST-BC.   This allows us to continue with vital trail work.. just as soon as the weather permits.

We are still short a number of members who have not renewed for this year.  If you haven’t, please take the time to do so – it’s cheap and memberships and donations are our only source of funding for important things like insurance and signage.

There will be trail days starting up again soon, and we have a joint trail day planned with TORCA to address some wet sections of Upper Decapitator.

Section 56 application work is ongoing, though we should have a final proposal out the door by mid April if all goes according to plan.